Day 1,310 – Thankful for An Unexpected Gratituder and a Shock to the System to See I’ve Been a Boiling Frog

I had a shadow in the office with me today!  While it was awesome having the company in the ride up to the office (it was just the two of us in the office, all good from a social distancing standpoint).  After he got his homework done he pooped out of his office and asked if he could record his first #EXPRESSingGratitude video.  Gavin said he’d enjoyed recording the ones with me so much he wanted to record his own.

I’m so pumped to see he’s soaking up the gratitude value Becky and I have been focused on!  So proud of the little man taking action to show and focus on his appreciation.  It was awesome to have an unexpected Gratituder hanging out with me today!

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 10.08.55 PM

You know the old story of how to boil a frog?  The one when, for some completely unknown reason, someone wants to boil a frog.  They place the frog in a pot of room temperature water and slowly turn the temperature up one degree at a time until it slowly increases to boiling.  The frog doesn’t notice the change as it is very subtle and not abrupt.

The changes of the past month and change have been quite the shock to the system.  One of the benefits of it has been the realization that I’ve slowly been boiling myself.  It started off slow and changed subtly over an extended period of time.  After this shock to the system it’s been eye opening to see just how much the shift has moved.

While of course I’d rather have things go back to normal I am very thankful for the shock  that’s helped me pause and how I’ve slowly boiled myself.


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