Day 1,273 – Thankful for Building a Base of Gratitude

We all have rough days.  We all struggle through tough stretches.  All of our challenges and obstacles are unique and very similar all at the same time.  Throughout our life we never know when we’ll face a trying moment.  One morning we might wake up and BAM! there it is.  Sometimes we’ll see the struggle coming a long ways away and we feel like the Titanic slowly cruising towards the iceberg pulled by our own inertia.  Times will be tough for us.  That’s part of life.

Throughout these past dozen days or so it seems like there are more and more of those moments.  Often they appear to be worse as they are magnified by all of the constant change and seemingly unending state of uncertainty.  In facing these moments today I caught myself being very grateful for something specific.


When the going gets tough, which has been often as of late, my mind automatically goes back to the base of gratitude I’ve slowly been building over the past four plus years.

“How can I be grateful for this?”

“Why should I be thankful this has happened?”

“What can I learn from this?”

“When will this experience come in handy in the future?”

As I ask myself these questions seemingly automatically I am always surprised by the answers.  Each obstacle and challenge I face is something to be thankful for.  The specifics might be negative or very unpleasant, but there’s always something to learn from the experience.  When I view it through the eyes of gratitude I find my mindset much more upbeat, optimistic, and hopeful.  If I view the frustration of the event I become angry, sad, and frustrated.  Gratitude has the ability to lift the heart through any situation, no matter how difficult.

Thank you to myself from over four years ago.  Little did you know then just how many challenges you would face.  Through each you’ve pushed on.  In many you even found a way to smile through it and become better as a result of the experience.  Gratitude, such an incredible gift we all have access to.  I’m so thankful for it!


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