Day 1,239 – Thankful for Running Into Bitter Cold Winds and Drifting Snow, Olympic Memories, Waterproof Socks, and Running with My Soulmate

This morning the weather was putting up a pretty solid fight to keep Becky and I from running outside. There were inches of fresh snow. The temperature was cool, but not frigid. The wind was BRUTAL! It was blowing over 20 miles per hour. Not only did that make it feel bitterly cold, but it caused the snow to drift in crazy patterns which made running a little more crazy. Also, when you’re a due my size the wind adds a whole other level of resistance training.

The crazy thing was that I’m thankful I ran in it today. It was pretty harsh at the beginning, but it made for a memorable run. The wind also helped me feel like I really earned my miles today. Long story short, I really enjoyed the struggle and the test of my grit and attitude selection. To be clear, I don’t necessarily want to run in 20+ mph gusts anytime soon, but today it added an excellent extra challenge for which I am grateful.

Part of what made the run even more awesome were the memories I had come back to me. While I was initially thinking about how difficult it was to run in the snow like this I thought back to the Olympics back when I was a kid. There was the amazing Russian wrestler (real wrestling, not WWE) who trained in Siberia. During a mini documentary about him they showed him on a training run in Siberia. He was running, actually running, in snow that was up to his chest. It was wild!!! To think, I was mentally complaining about running in 3″ of snow. Talk about a reality check.

This also got me thinking back to watching those Olympics when I learned how the greats retired from their sport. Once the wrestler has completed his last match he sits on the mat, takes off his shoes, and leaves them on the mat. When I saw an Olympian do this at the end of his competition it was amongst the dozen most emotional things I’ve witnessed in my life. I really can’t explain it, but as a wrestler you give more to your sport than any other sport I’ve participated in. To offer this one last slice of you after you’ve left it all on the mat many times is an incredible thing. If you’ve never wrestled, trust me, it is truly a sight to behold and even the toughest of wrestlers will not have a dry eye.

All these memories from running in the snow, how cool is that?

I’m also supremely thankful for my waterproof socks. Thanks Amazon for providing me a very inexpensive way to help keep my feet warm and dry while running in the snow. For less than $15 I’ve been able to enjoy runs in snow, slush, and puddles in total comfort!

Last, and most importantly, I’m thankful for a morning run with my soulmate. Life is busy, often ridiculously so. Our time on an early morning run like that is music to my soul. Sometimes we talk the entire time, other times we’re both quiet and waking up. Regardless, it is time for the two of us to be together (along with the girls) enjoying many of the things we both love – nature, outdoors, solitude, peace, calm, quiet,exercise, and time together. Each of the days in which my morning starts with a run with Becky is a little brighter and more vibrant than the rest. I am so grateful for our morning runs.

All that from one run in the morning, crazy huh?


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