Day 1,237 – Thankful for Scouting Successes

Tonight was the Court of Honor for the Scouts.  It’s an opportunity for the boys to celebrate the successes they are having in Scouting and to be recognized for their efforts.   This one was especially cool for us for a handful of reasons.

This was the first Court of Honor since Gavin has really amped up his scouting focus.  We’d missed the last one due to soccer so he had a handful of merit badges to collect this time including Crime Preventing, Finger Printing, Indian Lore, Wood Carving, Archery, Geocaching, Aviation, Family Life, & First Aid.  Throw in a rank advancement and he had a stack of patches…  Special thanks to Becky who’s in the process of attaching said patches as I type this!  As the chaplain of his troop Gavin started the meeting off with a prayer.  In normal Gavin fashion he left us all chuckling as he wrapped it up.  The kid cracks me up!

Earlier in the day Gavin and I worked on some orienteering as well.  We had instructions showing distances and directions and it was up to him to use a compass.  The directions took us all throughout the neighborhood and we had a blast joking around while learning ways to find a landmark to head towards.  What an awesome way to spend time on a weekend together!

The Court of Honor had an emcee I was excited to see also, Dominic!  As the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) of Troop  15 he was one of the people taking the lead in handing out awards and keeping the program on track.  The first time he was an emcee I was at soccer with Gavin so I was even more excited for this time.  He did an awesome job and was upbeat and smiling the entire time.  I’m so proud of how willingness to put himself out there and talk in front of a room full of peers and adults.  Seeing him in a leadership role like this had my heart smiling the entire time.

I was also super proud of him as he earned his Life Scout rank today!  This is the last level up before Eagle and is a big deal to reach.  He has put a ton of time and effort into Scouts and I’m so thankful to see it all keep paying off for him.  Next up for him will be a focus on an Eagle project; can’t wait to see what he decides to do for it!

The day has been wonderful (with the exception of realizing that there is such a thing as too much bacon, but that’s a story for a different blog).  Lots of family time, much accomplished, and progress made.  All that said, I’ve so thankful for all of the Scouting successes for the boys today.  I’m grateful for these milestones to help them see the progress and successes they’re having in their Scouting life.





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