Day 1,235 – Thankful for a Perfect Kreiling Valentines Day

While other may be more interested in going out to dinner or watching a romantic movie or going on a date I lived my perfect Valentines Day. I’m pretty sure it’s not everyone’s jam, but it is definitely mine!

Becky and I started off with a cycling class date at the Y after work. Then we hit the grocery store and came home. Supper was homemade meatball subs (special thanks to Festival for making the meatballs 😉) in the loving room while all chilling on the couch as a family. To cap it all off we fired up There’s Something About Mary. Yup, probably not totally appropriate, but we were all laughing hard. There was even a collective groan and boo as Mary said, “…I’m a Niners fan.”

What an awesome way to spend Valentines Day with my Valentine and family.


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