Day 1,205 – Thankful for Remembering to Choose the Tradeoff

When is the last time you wanted to do something but you knew you’d have to make a tradeoff? How did you choose what to remove / do differently?

Throughout the day I had several moments in which I had to choose my focus and determine what my priority was in that moment. Thanks to some thoughts that have been rolling through my noggin recently I smiled each time I hit one of these crossroads. In pausing for a moment to check out both directions (& also look for a third, fourth, and fifth direction) my smile widened as I remembered that I can choose the decision.

In moments like this I have control. I am able to decide how I react. I’m able to determine what course of action will be best to help head towards my goals and purpose.

I also have the ability to not choose, to go with the default, and go wherever life takes me. At that time I choose to relinquish control and go with the flow.

So why am I thankful for remembering to choose the tradeoff? It is a moment in which I have the opportunity to truly make the decision of where to go next. It is a moment in which I have the opportunity to choose to default back to the path of least resistance. Either way, I choose… as long as I remember to choose. When I forget to choose the tradeoff or I neglect to acknowledge the tradeoff I am not taking the opportunity to choose for myself.

As I’m continuing to slowly learn there really isn’t much in life that I’m truly in control of. There are really only two things in which my decision makes all the difference… in my attitude and in my actions. I’m thankful for remembering to choose the tradeoff as in that moment I’m truly taking action of my own will.

Okay, I’ve just got to add this last part as I’m thinking about it while typing. Truly, I almost have zero control. If The Big Dude Upstairs is responsible for making me and allowing my ability to make my own decisions, are they really my own and am I really in control of anything? I’ll definitely need to think on that one more…


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