Day 1,190 – Thankful for Small Habit Changes to Start the Year

When you ring in the new year are there usually small habit changes you make? Which seem to be most common? What helps them last?

While I’m not a fan of making New Year’s resolutions I am a fan of finding a concrete way to track my progress. Yes, I know that I don’t need an artificial date stamp to make a change that could be started immediately… but they don’t hurt either.

After all the eating I’ve been doing since Belize in November I’m looking forward to a very sustainable habit change. As of tomorrow I’ll be going back to tracking what I eat.

I haven’t eaten horribly the entire past month and change, but it’s been enough and often enough that I’m excited to get back to eating well. When there’ve been slight gaps between travel and family events I’ve gone right back to eating like I had been and it feels great.

My eating habits throughout 2019 as a whole were much improved from past years and I’ve felt great most of the year. The change of the new year marks the end of the holiday season and a bit of a respite from events that involve huge meals. I’m excited to get back to the normal I worked to make normal back in 2019.


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