Day 1,175 – Thankful for Catching Up with Mom, Dinner at Home, and Reminiscing with Becky

Who’s a family member you love catching up with and why? What are some of the “usual” dinners you have that make you feel even more at home? What are some of your favorite wedding memories? I hope those questions bring some awesome thoughts and memories to mind for you!

No matter how old I may get I still enjoy talking with Mom. While in Australia I didn’t talk with her much. Tonight it was great to have extended time shooting the bull with her and to catch up on some of what’s been going on over the past few weeks. Just a hunch, I bet we’ll talk more later this week as we haven’t gotten around to talking about recent work life yet.

Sometimes I still feel like a big kid when I talk with her, bragging things up, telling stories, getting caught up what’s going on with family. It’s the same types of conversations we’ve had for many years. I’m always thankful for my mom, tonight I’m extra grateful for having the opportunity to catch up with her.

Ahh… dinner at home. Nothing crazy, one of our staples; venison and pasta. I’m thankful for taking the time to have dinner as a family at home. Vacation dinners were fantastic as well, but supper at home is special in its own unique way.

After putting the boys to bed Becky and I somehow got on the topic of past weddings from way back in the day. I still can’t believe just how many weddings we went to in our first handful of years together! It seems like almost every other weekend we were heading off to another one. Funny how even though it’s at least a decade and a half in the rear view there are still so many vivid and clear memories. Spending time reliving them was a great way to wind down.


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