Day 1,173 – Thankful for Lifelong Memories and Mission Accomplished

How do you determine if it was a successful vacation? Are there mental criteria you use or could it be summed up by the picture of Gavin below?

Mission accomplished!

We’re just about home; only a short hop from Chicago to Rochester and then a short drive home.

Talk about a successful trip. We’ve been going through some of the experiences we’ve had over the past couple of weeks. It’s wild but it seems as if we were gone for more than a month. We packed a tremendous number of lifelong memories into a short period of time and yet feel totally relaxed.

When I think about travel I usually am looking to do the following:

    Create lifelong memories with family and friends
    Experience new things, see new sites
    Create space outside “real life” to breathe and dream
    Take time to enjoy stillness
    Appreciate home a little more than I did before I left
    Fill my soul with joy

New memories with family and friends? Check! So many new memories that we’ve chuckled often and said, “I almost forgot that happened on THIS vacation.”

Experience new things and see new sites? Uh huh! Dolphins, turtles, sharks, kangaroos, and platypuses oh my! Throw in different cultures and a PhD graduation and it was hugely successful.

Create space to breathe and dream? Roger that! Seeing Becky’s PhD journey culminate in graduation was amazing dream fuel. There’ve been many moments in which I was able to put thought into which dreams are most important to me and why. It was great to spend some time working on another dream of mine while I was away.

Time to enjoy stillness? You bet! This vacation had more extra unstructured time than we’re used to and it was a great way to spend time in thought. Driving on “the wrong side” is becoming so much easier and I was able to spend time in thought while driving the countryside.

Appreciate home a little more? Yessir! While I’m still waiting for Becky to say, “Let’s move to New Zealand (or Hawaii),” I’m thankful for what we have where we have. There is much to be thankful for at home. I’m even excited to see the dogs! By the way, our own bed is going to feel AMAZING tonight.

Soul filled with joy? You know it! My heart is about to burst. So many memories made, so much time with family, celebration of Becky’s success, time in thought, time with the boys; it’s been pretty much heaven! Oh yeah, the 80+ degree weather, extended sunshine and beautiful ocean views don’t hurt either. 😉

Back to reality on Monday. Bring it on reality, I’m ready to dive back in with about the biggest smile and a heart so full of joy it’s about to burst. Looking forward to Monday 😁


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