Day 1,166 – Thankful for the Ways Things Work Out Sometimes, Having Faith In the Long Term Plan

When the traffic jam backed us up a couple of days ago and we totally missed our kayak tour time I did my best to remind myself that everything works out the way it does for a reason. If a positive mindset is kept there is sure to be a silver lining at some point. Turns out that’s exactly what happened!

The original appointment we missed had exactly zero dolphins spotted. When we headed out today we were circled by a huge pod of dolphins a handful of times. They were so close it was crazy! There were even baby dolphins swimming with their moms. It was AMAZING!!!

And to think that had there not been a traffic jam and we had shown up on time the first time we wouldn’t have seen them. The Big Dude Upstairs always seems to have a plan up His sleeve. So often the tough times I face are followed by some magical moments I’ll never forget. The tough part is keeping it in mind when we’re on the downward slope, it’s so easy to connect the dots afterwards.

Connecting the dots forward is impossible. We can’t see the future and determine how it all fits together. Speculation and guessing are of no use as they don’t really do anything (quick aside, this is one of the biggest reasons I quit listening to ESPN Radio long ago – all they’re doing is guessing and conjecture get about something that is completely unpredictable). The only thing that guessing and forecasting would do is cause me to worry about potential bad outcomes or to be overly optimistic about potential good outcomes. At the end of the day the only control I have is in believing things will work out exactly as they should. I don’t know where its going or why, but at some point I’ll most likely be able to connect at least some of the dots to see how I go there.

While the example today has me seeing this point clearly it reminded me to pause and re-think how many other ways things have worked out differently than expected. Another example is how we ended up in Byron Bay instead of snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef.

When we started planning this trip we wanted to be sure to hit the Great Barrier Reef and enjoy its beauty while it is still here. Unfortunately, we found out that this is the WRONG time of the year to head up that way. The heat is ridiculous and the jellyfish are way too thick. There were a couple of other reasons as well that are escaping me.

A little frustrated and disappointed we instead took the advice of Diane, our resident Australia expert and tour guide extraordinaire. She pointed us in the direction of Byron Bay. Based on how well she knows us her thought was that it was exactly the type of place we were looking for. We trusted the tea leaves, booked it, and have been beyond impressed with what we’ve experienced here. To be honest, all the reasons I am so in love with Byron Bay are so numerous there’s probably a blog post about it in the future… One quick note, I was able to go shopping in the grocery store barefoot; yes!!!

In talking with one of our kayak guides today he shared how perfectly we timed our visit to this area. He said that between a week ago and up until Boxing Day it’s about as calm and perfect as this area gets. After December 26 he gets the heck out of Dodge for a couple of months as it is completely overrun with tourists. How cool that the timing worked out so perfectly?

Sometimes my blog posts are mental bread crumbs for my future self to follow. Today it sure to be one of those. My apologies in advance to anyone besides myself who may be reading this, but I’m going to talk to myself for a moment…

Future Mike dude, remember today. The simple story of wanting and planning to do one thing and facing disappointment. Stay upbeat and trust that everything will work out, it always does (well, until you’re dead I guess, but even then who knows?). The Universe nudged you in a different path and helped you see dolphins. Want to see more dolphins in life? Remember to stay upbeat when facing an unexpected obstacle. Don’t waste time or energy thinking ahead to the how or why. Trust you’ll get exactly where you need to go and focus on taking the right action. Don’t waste your life and precious time worrying about what could have been or what could happen. Go with it. You can connect the dots later if you’d like, but even then does it really matter? You’ll be exactly where you should be. Keep on smiling, stay positive, and live in the present. That’s where the magic truly happens.


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