Day 1,164 – Thankful for the Chill Australian Attitude

So many Australians seem to have it figured out so well. Life is awesome as it is, chill and enjoy it. For clarity, I am not saying they are lazy or just want to kick back and relax all the time. What I’m thankful for today is that Aussie attitude of “no worries.”

We were scheduled to go on a kayak trip to see dolphins up close this morning. Last night when we checked the map we saw it was a short 15 minutes drive away. We decided to leave early to be safe so we were wheels up by 9:00 for our 9:30 meeting time. Turns out that between school traffic, work commute traffic, tourist traffic, and construction our previously mentioned 15 minute drive took over and hour and fifteen minutes!

As we were panicked and trying to drive but finding ourselves totally trapped in gridlock I noticed something crazy. Even though everyone was stuck in the same traffic jam people were still letting many cars in. I only heard a horn once and I’m pretty sure it was to make sure someone knew they were being let into the lane. It was wild! Even in a traffic jam like that everyone was totally chill and helpful.

By the time we got to the meeting place our group had long since left. We opted for a walk along the beach and up to the lighthouse to pass time until they came back and we could explain what had happened. As we walked we saw their kayaks out in the distance. It was frustrating, but we opted to take a deep breath, chill, and enjoy the beauty around us.

Once we got back to the meeting place there were about four of the employees there to help us out. We apologized profusely to them about missing and they apologized for us getting stuck in traffic. They would have been well within their rights to be frustrated with us; we pretty much stood them up and we’d already paid. Instead they seemed more apologetic than we were and immediately went to town trying to find a way to get us on a different date and time at no additional charge. At no point in talking with them did they show the least bit of frustration in the mistake we made. They were completely chill and went out of their way to make sure we also had some great brekkie recommendations for our new tour day.

That interaction seems to sum up so many of the random conversations and interactions we’ve had with people here. Everyone is so chill and relaxed. They don’t seem to have the same “go, go, go” mindset that I’ve lived in for most of my life. This experience has been a wonderful reminder for me to take a deep breath.

Case in point, the next time I’m tied up in traffic I’m going to take a deep breath, remember today, and let someone in… maybe a few someone’s in. The couple of times I had the opportunity to do that today it actually felt pretty excellent. Not only was I not as stressed about traffic but I also got a little case of the feel goods. No worries it is!

Today I’m grateful for all of the Australians I’ve interacted with who’ve reminded me to chill a bit and focus more on enjoying the moment.


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