Day 1,162 – Thankful for Reminding Myself to Relax

When we went to Hawaii with friends several years ago there was a moment that I’ll never forget. Everyone was basically just chilling on the porch. They were all in a state of perfect relaxation. I got scolded, albeit in a very nice way, by one of my friends. “Mike, quit pacing, you’re killing me!!! I can’t relax with you constantly moving.”

That, in a nutshell, is how my brain typically operates. If I’m not in a state of constant action please check my pulse and quickly determine if CPR is needed. I don’t know who or where it comes from (although I’d be pretty quick to point out my mom, my dad, a grandparent or two, and several others I’m genetically linked to!). This is just how my brain operates. I’m a person of action and movement. My idea of relaxing and chilling is usually doing something.

Case in point; this morning I had no reason to wake up at any specific time. I shot out of bed at 5:30am and was waking up the boys to see if they wanted to walk along the beach to see the sunrise with me. Off we went! That wasn’t quite enough so I headed out for a run on the beach afterwards. Need more evidence? A couple of nights ago I cleaned the vacuum cleaner of the AirBNB we stayed at to help me relax on our last night there. Yes, I know I have issues and for the most part I’m okay with them.

Today I’ve been working on remembering to actually take time to relax. Becky’s PhD is certainly the top reason for the trip, but relaxation and sight seeing with the boys are the second reasons. The graduation is still a ways away and we’ve spent a ton of time showing the boys around, but I haven’t spent very much time focusing on relaxing (see the two stories above).

With that in mind this morning when we went to the beach I had one goal in mind… Relax. To help me do that I left my phone on Sleep mode and in a closed bag and brought a book to read. While it wasn’t perfect, I did make some headway. A funny thing started too happen after a while… I started to relax. I didn’t feel the urge to go in too many directions at once. I took a deep breath and chilled and it was amazing!

Don’t worry, I’m not thinking this whole experience is going to totally change how I roll, but reminding myself to relax definitely feels pretty awesome! I am so thankful with how little stress I’ve felt all day and how I’ve been able to spend time in thought. This relaxing thing is pretty, well, relaxing! I kinda like it 😀


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