Day 1,153 – Thankful for Sleeping In My Bed, Mary’s Willingness to Watch the Boys, and Long Drive with Talkative Boys

There is something so magically familiar and comfortable about sleeping in my own bed. I sleep just fine in all sorts of beds, chairs, futons, cots, hammocks, air mattresses, pads, and floors. Laying down on my own bed just feels like all is right in the world. The bed itself isn’t anything too crazy or anything, but it’s what I’m used to and it pretty much feels like home.

My mother in law, Mary, came down to take care of the boys while Becky and I were in Belize. I’m so grateful for her willingness to pretty much move into our house for the week and make sure the boys were all good. As I take time to think about it I’m even more thankful for her willingness to do this. It means a week away from the comforts of her home, a week away from her normal routine, and a week away from Ken. I’ve said it before, I’m thankful for winning the in law lottery. Thanks for helping us out this week Mary!

This afternoon I headed up to pick the boys up from hunting. On the way home we spent pretty much the entire three plus hours talking. Nothing too crazy or serious or anything, just shooting the bull. After a week away from the boys it was even more enjoyable to spend all that time in conversation with them. Thanks for making it an awesome and memorable ride home boys!


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