Day 1,140 – Thankful for a Warm Home

Crazy how cold it is out there!  I swear it was warmer outside when Becky and I ran this morning than it is now.  Unseasonably cold with a biting wind, it’s wild out there.  Just a quick run from the car to the school left me with chills.

As I was warming up in the car with the seat heater on I realized something I so often take for granted.  I’m typing this blog from a warm home.  The furnace is going, it’s our normal and comfortable 64 degrees as it will be each day this winter.

Such a basic thing that I often take for granted.  That cold feeling I had was only temporary.  I have a place to go to warm up.  When I get too cold I can turn up the heat, add layers of clothes and blankets.

Tonight I’m pausing to be grateful for the gift of heat and warmth on a cold night like this.  To be sure, I’m also hoping it will warm up soon 😉

I totally borrowed this one from online.  Everyone knows I wouldn’t wear socks that are quite that exciting 😉


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