Day 1,123 – Thankful for an Awesome Life Lesson for Dominic

On Saturday Dominic’s high school JV season was completed.  The varsity team had their playoff game yesterday so they had practice all week.  Instead of letting the season be done Dominic decided he would ask his coach if there was anything he could do to help out the varsity team.  He offered up running drills, scrimmaging, and even team manager type duties.  Coach was happy to take him up on it.

All week long Dominic was able to do full on practices with the varsity team.  Not only was he able to help with practices but they let him come along with the team to the playoff game.  On Thursday we got the following picture texted to us:


Coach decided to let Dominic suit up with the varsity team for the game!  How cool is that?  Dominic thought it was pretty awesome to do warm ups with the team.  He was also very pumped to have his name called at the beginning of the game when teams were announced.

They lost a very close game so now the season is over.  That said, I could definitely see a little extra fire in Dominic’s eyes as he talked about it briefly tonight on our way to dropping him off for Scouts.

I’m so thankful for him to have such an excellent life lesson.  When you want something badly enough take the time to do the extra work.  Ask for the extra work if you need to.  All those extra hours and reps will pay off in the long run.  So excellent to see it work out so well for him!


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