Day 1,121 – Thankful for a Statement From My Mom that Still Inspires Me 25+ Years Later

This morning I started off the day with an inspiring podcast.  Jocko interviewed a Marine helicopter mechanic who suffered horrific injuries in a crash in Afghanistan.  In the podcast she shared her story, complete with highs, insanely low lows, and awe inspiring highs.  I’ve tried typing a sentence to summarize her story, but you should really give it a listen instead.  You can find it here:  What an incredible way to start the morning (in addition to the beautiful sunrise over the bluffs and valleys in Arcadia).

At one point she shared part of why she works so hard and pushes herself like she does.  As she shared that story my mind started to drift and I had to pause the podcast.

Over 25 years ago my parents took me to a banquet to celebrate earning my Eagle Scout award.  On the long drive home afterwards my mom made a comment that has stuck with me forever.  Honestly, it’s between her and I (& Dad) and it wouldn’t be right to share it.  She said it and the words stuck.


When I’m stuck and want to quit, when I’m frustrated and ready to give up, when I’m ready to half ass something instead of giving 100%, and when I question how big I should dream I can hear my mom’s voice in my head.  In a split second my mind is set and I push through.  Those words inspire me to be better than I would be without them.

As Kirstie Ennis told her story today I thought of my mom and the comment she made.  I’m so thankful for what she said.  All these years later it is a guidepost that reminds me to push myself further and further.


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