Day 1,111 – Thankful for Timestamp Moments

My Facebook memories from this day in the past left me feeling nostalgic. Seven years ago today LuLu came to live with us.

My mind was blown in very different ways. In one way it seems just like yesterday that we adopted her. Just as shocking was that it seems like she’s been a part of our family forever. I can clearly remember taking that picture and helping her become accustomed to her new home that night.

That moment feels very much like a timestamp we added to our live to market the moment for future comparative use. What got me thinking is just how many of these wonderful markers in our life we have. Over the past week I’ve caught myself pausing to appreciate several of those moments.

Those moments are usually the times that have helped define me or have helped to reset my path. They may be expected or unexpected. Some bring extreme joy, others that off with sadness and then force me to find joy in spite of my initial feeling. Sometimes these timestamp moments are so extraordinary that they don’t feel real while others are so ordinary it’s not until long after they’ve passed that the true beauty of them is revealed (like the ordinary yet incredible last hug from my dad).

Regardless of the timestamp moment description itself it marks the passing of time. Future events and experiences will become regular memories. When I attempt to decipher the true timeline I’ll lean on the light from those timestamp moments. They are the paragraph breaks and chapter titles in the novel that is my life.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of one of those moments – I appreciate each of you greatly!


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