Day 1,108 – Thankful for a Simple Text, a Simple Email, and a Simple Thought

The first of today’s trifecta of thankfulness was much like the others; very simple in if itself, yet so awesome and emotion provoking. It was a short text from Becky. Her doc appointment went very well and the treatments seem to be working. How awesome is that? In order for anything else to make sense we must have our life and preferably our health.

The second item today was a beautifully simple email that almost brought me to tears. The words were exactly what my soul needed in that moment. The note was the warm blanket needed on a cold day. I’ve saved it and will pull it out when I need that type of electronic hug in the future.

The third was also very simple and straightforward. As I drove to Dominic’s soccer game a thought crossed my mind. “If today was the last day of my life how would I feel about it? What would I do differently?” With all of the stress and stuff going on today and over the past week I’ve been focused too much on the stress. Those two questions caused me to pause and refocus.

I quickly realized that I haven’t been 100% present this afternoon like I should’ve been. With that shift in mindset I took a deep breath and focused on what I could control in the minute, I focused on what I was in front of me. How fitting that what I first saw as I smiled was the sun popping out through a cloudy sky? I chose to focus on the sun.



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