Day 1,058 – Thankful for Birthday Night Chaos

Memories of hanging out with friends for birthdays still make me chuckle and smile. Sometimes it was a party, sometimes it was just a couple of us. Always it was awesome!

With all the soccer and life going on in the Kreiling household it was pretty fortunate that the one single night without plans in a two week span fell on Gavin’s birthday. Seeing as we’ve got two birthdays to celebrate it worked out very well to have the Lyga boys head on over – two Lygas with on stone, isn’t that how the saying goes? 🤷🏼‍♂️😉

Sitting here listening to and interacting with the boys is cracking me up. So crazy to see all their personalities shine through. I’m also chuckling while hearing some of the same jokes and goofs we used to do back in the day while also learning some new ones.

I’m so thankful to be hanging out with them on their special night and for having the opportunity to re-live and revive old memories.


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