Day 1,033 – Thankful for Times When the Boys Get Along Incredibly Well

Times like this are amongst my favorites.  While the boys and I have been together this afternoon and this evening they’ve been truly enjoying each other’s company.  They usually get along to be sure, but there are just some occasions like today when they act  like great friends.  We’ve played many games together and there was never a sore loser or frustration – it was truly a ton of fun!

They were both hamming it up for a picture after volunteering at the fish boil for Boy Scouts  🙂

This summer has been pretty crazy for both of them – Gavin was gone last week at camp and now Dominic will be gone next week for camp.  I’m sure the time away from each other reminds them to appreciate each other more, but it seems like there might be more to it than just that.  Regardless, I enjoyed every moment of I had with them today and am so thankful for how well they got along with each other.  It’s so cool seeing their relationship continue to grow and develop.


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