Some of my favorite childhood memories are from playing board games with family. When Dominic mentioned Scrabble as an option I smiled and jumps on the opportunity.

One of the games I still remember playing with my grandparents, my mom, and many aunts and uncles is Scrabble. There are so many wonderful memories of this board on my grandparents’ dining room table with a mix of several of us sitting around it. We used to have so much fun playing and spending time as a family.

Dominic was definitely not a fan of Gavin’s last play… Gavin was dressed like a bandit for unknown reasons the entire game…

True to the norm the boys and I had a blast while playing tonight. There were cheers and laughter most of the time, but there were also a few groans as the wrong tiles were pulled out of the bag or someone took the space we were eying up. Just like old times!

What an awesome way to wrap up some time together while listening to rain outside 😁


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