Day 945 – Thankful for Learning from Past Mistakes

Isn’t it funny how sometimes when something doesn’t go quite right that it turns into a horrible thing in my mind?  For a while I can catch myself focused on how bad the event was and get frustrated every single time I think about it.  After some time passes I’m able to review what went wrong and find lessons to learn from that bad situation.  When my mind gets to that place I can actually find myself being thankful for the event, no matter how frustrated I was in the moment.

Today was a day full of pausing and thinking back to what I’ve learned from past mistakes.  In more than a few occasions I caught myself thinking back to specific past mistakes.  As I thought about them I focused on the lessons I learned, the mistakes I didn’t want to make again.  After a quick mental review I changed direction a bit to align with what I’d learned from the past mistake.  On my drive home it was peaceful to think back through the day and start to count up the changes I made due to those past learning experiences.  

While I would never intentionally make mistakes in order to learn, I am so thankful for the learning that has come from past mistakes.  They hurt like hell in the moment, but I think they made all the difference today.


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