Day 844 – Thankful for Friends That You’re Comfortable Singing In Front Of

After a day of spending time with two of my closest friends there was a point in the day that helped me appreciate just how awesome it is to have great friends you’ve spent the overwhelming majority of your life with. Through thick and thin I’ve been best friends with them for almost four decades. We’ve been through pretty much everything together and have always been there to celebrate with each other, help each other through difficult times, and just hang out together.

As our day of fun has begun to wrap up we’re chilling out and playing Rock Band together. I’m not a good singer and I’m very self conscious of my singing. After a couple of songs they insisted that it was my turn to grab the mic and sing.

I reluctantly said yes and chose a couple of songs I jam out to in the car… Pork & Beans by Weezer and I Was Wrong by Social Distortion. After a few seconds I totally lost myself in singing and had a blast.

Afterwards I realized just how cool it was that I felt totally comfortable singing in front of them. It’s kind of weird, but I’m pretty sure, for those of us who are not vocally inclined, that being totally open to singing in front friends mean those are some pretty close friends.

As we look forward to more hours of jamming out and having fun I am so thankful for friends I’m thankful for amazing friends that I’m comfortable singing in front of.


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