Day 835 – Thankful for Our Magic Coffee Maker

This morning I had to head out before 5:45 and the strangest thing happened… the coffee maker was full of hot fresh coffee! It was like it somehow knew I had to leave early today! Every other day this week it’s been turning on and firing up a pot of tasty coffee goodness just in time for me to head to work.

I never have to fire it up or prep it, there’s always coffee ready for me. Some mornings it even fills my mug and puts in two ice cubes just like I enjoy it, how crazy is that?

I’m pretty sure it must be magic or something. Maybe some crazy supernatural source. Who knows, it might even be the best wife in the world (Becky) 😉.

Regardless of the source, with my mornings starting like this how could I ever have anything but an awesome day?


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