Day 798 – Thankful for Activities That Require 100% of My Focus

It’s funny how as I think about some of the activities I enjoy most there are some common themes.  Often they are things that I’m not particularly good at off the bat.  They usually involve a certain level of stubbornness and persistence to be successful at.  The activity also has some way of seeing improvement with practice, not crazy quick improvement, but slow and somewhat steady progress towards a goal that will continue to move further out of range with every step I take.

One of the other things I’ve noticed is that many of the activities I enjoy most require 100% of my attention and focus.  For me to be more successful and get the most out of them I have to be 100% present and have nothing else going on in my brain.  That is quite the task for me as I usually have a handful of things going through my head at any given moment.

What got me really thinking about this tonight was how focused I was while logrolling (with the slight exception of when I went off on a tirade about Aaron Rodgers and how badly I missed Brett Favre…  during which I had pretty much my best roll of the night!).  All the rest of the time I shut my brain down and only focused on a couple of thoughts before I started…  Are my knees bent?  Am I reaching back with my left hand?  Are my feet in the right spot?  From there my focus goes to the far end of the log and I’m off.  Each second only thinking about the position of my body and it’s relation to the log and its rotation.  No thoughts about work, responsibility, life, philosophy, no songs running through my head, no random ideas…  just me and the log.  It’s incredibly relaxing!


I find that activities like logrolling and yoga help quiet my mind and leave me feeling so much more calm and focused afterwards.  The sensation of focus continues from those activities into the next and it feels amazing!

If anyone has other ideas of crazy things I might like that require focus like this please let me know, I’d be very interested!


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