Today’s been a busy day, but one that’s been full of time with family.  After church, grocery shopping, and lunch we split up what needed to be done around the house amongst the four of us, hit it hard, and then had time to play games for a couple of hours as a family.  Sure, we were busy pretty much the whole time until we played games, but most of it involved us being near at least parts of our family.  All that time together felt great after a couple of weeks of feeling like we were getting pulled in several directions.

There were a couple of moments when I could feel myself shifting away from being a cotton headed ninny muggins towards full blown Christmas cheer.  We watched a handful of Christmas movies over the week, Becky’s been listening to Christmas music, we got out Christmas tree and put up decorations, and we had the Christmas party last night. With all I’ve had on my plate over the past month or so and the upcoming couple of months it’s been tough to even think about Christmas coming soon, but now I can see it on the horizon and I’m getting pretty excited.

Today a visit from Santa pretty much capped it and pushed me right into full blown Christmas mode.  I had so much fun seeing just how excited Gavin was to still go see Santa.  It’s most likely the last year that there’s some magic like this for him, it was wonderful to soak it in and appreciate it.  He jumped right on Santa’s lap and had a great time.  His smile shows the whole story 🙂


Becky got an early Christmas present and got to drive the fire engine too 😉



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