Day 794 – Thankful for Dominic’s Sense of Humor (Again)

As we ate supper tonight I asked Dominic how his day was.  He said, “pretty good,” and then put his head down.  “Well, it wasn’t all good…  Part of it was pretty bad…”  As he is saying this his shoulders are sagging further and further and his head is lowering.

We asked him what happened, and he said that he had a bad fall on the snow and hurt his leg.  Being the concerned parents we are we asked him if he was okay.  He stood up and said, “it hurts pretty bad and I have a pretty big bruise here” as he moves his hand down his leg.  I follow his hand and when it stops I see this:


My eyes immediately shoot up to see a huge smile on his face.  The little bastard then walks over and punches me in the arm two times and we both laugh.

We’ve got a standing “Circle Game” on in our house, and if you get someone to look at your finger and thumb while it’s in that position somewhere below the waist you get to punch the other person in the arm twice.  Everyday he’s become more and more sneaky about how he’s gotten me.

The feeling of being busted by him, seeing the huge smile on this face, and sharing a big laugh afterwards all still have me chucking!  I love his sense of humor!



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