Day 792 – Thankful for Becky’s Infectious Grit

LOL – this is definitely one of the titles that’ll I remember as sounding great in my head but then comes across a little different in print!  Regardless, it really fits today!

In our planning session yesterday we went around the room and shared what our biggest personal successes were from the past month or so.  I mentioned that I was super proud of Becky’s focus, determination, and hard work in pushing through the final stretches of her PhD program.  In sharing that I also said how cool it was to hear how many times her research has been cited – including in a textbook!  Over the past 24+ hours I’ve smiled many times at thinking about just how she is gritting out this dream of hers.


Spending as much time as I do with her I see her reading, researching, and writing almost constantly at all hours of the day and night.  For reals, I’ve woken up in the middle of the night to find her reading some research papers in the wee hours of the night / morning.  Seeing just how much work she’s put into this dream is truly spectacular…  and then remembering that she’s also a full time and very involved mother and wife makes it al the more incredible!

One of the values I hold closest is Grit.  As I’ve mentioned before, grit is the passion and perseverance towards a long term goal or dream.  For as long as I’ve known Becky she’s had a dream of earning her PhD.  Over these past couple of years I’ve been blessed to see just how hard she is willing to work to make that dream a reality.  It’s mind blowing how many hours and how much blood, sweat, and tears she’s already put into this.  In spite of all of this she’s often nervous about whether or not she’s being a great mom (she is!) and a great wife (always!) and is being attentive to the needs of her family (she totally is).  As if she weren’t already gritty enough focusing on her studying she’s just as gritty at home and with her family!

And that’s what I’m thankful for today…  Her grit is totally infectious!  Each day as I talk with her I can’t help but find times when I push myself harder towards my goals to keep up with her.  Seeing Becky work this hard for her dreams and focus so tightly onto one goal like this inspires me to work harder towards my goals and focus more keenly onto that which is the most important.  Long story short, she inspires me to be a better me.  How awesome is that?  Her grit is bringing her joy in accomplishment of her dreams while bringing me joy in inspiring me to focus more on reaching mine while helping her reach hers.  What an awesome combination and force!

Thanks for inspiring me on a daily basis!  How you find the time and energy to be such an incredible friend, mother, wife, and so many other roles all while reaching towards a crazy huge dream (and still finding at least an hour to workout each day) is crazily awesomely motivational.  So happy to be spending this crazy life with you – love you!


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