Day 785 – Thankful for an Incredible Day Capped Off with Embedding the Travel Bug In Our Boys

Today has been one for the ages, a day filled with many wonderful moments, cheesecake, family time, and gratitude.  In general there was a over arching theme of thankfulness.  What an awesome focus for a day – and it’s not even Thanksgiving Day yet!

When becky and I went for a run this morning we talked about the list we would have for the boys.  With them being off of school we knew we needed to have a good list to keep them rolling through the day.  Last night Gavin was even hinting at what would be on the list.  Becky had the great idea to have the boys write a list of 10 places they’d like to visit.  I threw a little twist on it and said they had to make a short PowerPoint presentation complete with pictures to share their lists.

Tonight before dinner we sat down as a family and the boys presented where they’d like to go on vacation in the future and it was pretty cool!  Easy to see that we’ve really instilled the travel bug in both of them.  It looks like they’ll have many adventures in their lives – from Iceland to France to Japan to Nepal to Antarctica and everywhere in-between!


Travel is one of the things that Becky and I treasure above almost all other “stuff,” and it’s so cool to see that the boys are giving it the same value.  On the anniversary of our adventure to New Zealand it seems only fitting to dream big about travel in the future, isn’t it boys?


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