Earlier in the day Sammi and I met for our weekly one on one conversation in Winona.  It’s an opportunity for us to talk about what she has on her plate, other projects I’d like her help on, and to get to know each other better.  As we talked she reminded me that she was going to be gone for a trip to South Dakota.  I smiled and shared some ideas of things we did with the boys when we went about 6 years ago.  Before I knew it I hd my phone out and was going through some old vacation pictures with her.  It was awesome!


On several occasions I kept thinking back to that vacation and had so many memories come flooding back.  Later in the evening I pulled up al 500+ pictures from that trip and shared many of them with the boys and Becky.  It was so cool seeing the memories come back to them of that trip together.

Today was pretty outstanding on many different levels.  Many things to be thankful for, too many to try to track them all.  The memories of an old vacation warmed my heart all day long, I’m so thankful to have taken the time to make some some memories with the boys six years ago.  It was an awesome reminder to me today to live while I’m alive.


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