Day 724 – Thankful for Reminders of Just How Awesome Life Is

Our Rice Lake office is pretty small so when a teammate and I needed to meet for some training we decided it would be best to head out to the local coffee shop.  The training went even better than I would have imagined, maybe the coffee had a little something to do with it!

At one point there was a very large family with MANY small kids running all over the place having a great time.  My teammate was facing the commotion and one point she told me to turn around and look at what was happening.  When I looked over I saw all fo the kids giving their grandma a big group hug while saying “I love you Grandma” over and over again.  The best way I can explain it was that it was like seeing a pile of happy puppies crawling all over each other to be closest to their mom.  It was beyond heart warming.

Looking back at my teammate I tried to continue but my voice wavered and I could feel a little mist in my eyes.  It really hit me just how inspiring that moment was.  Those kids love their grandma so much that everyone in the place could feel it.  So much love shared in one moment, created over so many years together.  What a special experience! I felt so blessed to have the opportunity to witness it.

Throughout the day that moment sprang back into my mind.  It reminded me of my Grandma Joyce and how happy I always was to see her.  I thought about how blessed our boys are to have wonderful grandparents.  That moment provided a glimpse into our potential future and reminded me of how I need to live to have that opportunity.  And, most importantly, every single time I thought about it my heart was so full of joy.

Later in the day I stumbled upon something that made me smile along those same lines.  The news article was titled “19 Tweets That Prove The World Isn’t A Complete And Total Dumpster Fire.”  Sure, the title is pretty cynical, but in the story were many similar examples of what I witnessed today, happiness!  Reading this was a reminder to me to quit watching all the garbage in the news and focus on the positive stories like this…  and to find ways to create more stories like this.

This evening I am back home and it feels great to be back after ra couple of nights.  Spending time with my family reminds me of why I do what I do, why I choose the path that I walk, and it reminds me of just how awesome life is!



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