Day 715 – Thankful for Planning Out the Calendar for Weblos 2 with Gavin at Java Vino

Tonight is the first night of Wednesday night church classes for Dominic so Gavin and I decided to go back to our normal Wednesday tradition… coffee & other goodies at Java Vino!

Tonight we had a special project that we needed to work on as we drank our decaf and cookies and cream frosty (guess who had which? 😂). With the scouting year rapidly approaching it is go time! We busted out the Den Leader Guide, a calendar, and a couple of spreadsheets and hit it hard. There was maybe a short snack break… but before we left we had the entire year’s worth of meetings all mapped out so we can get the boys through as much as possible while still having a great time.

What made it especially awesome tonight was Gavin’s help. He was focused and helping the entire way through and took on parts of the planning process. Whenever there was a decision to be made I got his feedback first and we ran with it. It was pretty sweet to have a great helper!

The scouting year will be fun (& our last year of Cub Scouts), but I’m also sure to remember this night of planning with my buddy. Having this time and activity together was a great way to spend the evening!


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