Day 711 – Thankful for Hanging Out with My Friends

Last night involved staying up until after 3:15am playing cards with some of my closest friends in a backyard. We shot the bull, goofed around, and had an amazing time doing the same types of things we’ve done for the past 35+ years. It was awesome!

Today included more of the same. Sleeping in, hanging out all day, and chillaxin’ with my friends. No real agenda, just hanging out. Later tonight I’d be surprised if we don’t end up hanging out in the backyard again.

I’m going to cut this one short so I can get back to spending time with them, but don’t let the length of this post detract from how thankful I am for time with my friends. It’s because of how much I appreciate this time with them that I’m going to cut out and jump back into the time with them.


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