Day 694 – Thankful for a Taste of and a Memory of Empty Nest Life

Today on Facebook I had an old memory from 7 years ago pop up reminding me of the hiking excursion Becky and I did on a glacier in Canada.  It was one of our vacations in which we left the boys behind and went off adventuring with just the two of us.  That trip to the Canadian Rockies was AMAZING and will be remembered forever.  It wasn’t just the natural beauty, it was also a great time for just the two of us being a couple.  We chilled and watched Canadian TV in our hotel room before bed, experienced poutine for the first time, and started a tradition of having an excellent meal and a few drinks on our last night.  It is one of my favorite vacations to date.

Tonight Becky had the idea to head to Moon Tunes at Riverside Park with a friend to enjoy the Johnny Cash tribute.  With the boys at Camp Grandpa it’s a little taste of what life will probably be like when we are empty nesters in about nine years or so.  We headed out and just chilled without having to run boys around to various events.  When we were ready for food we went out for subs to eat at home.  Now at home we’re both chilling and slowly getting ready for work tomorrow and bed.  Totally chill, peaceful, relaxed, and without a schedule.

I already miss the boys and can’t wait to have them back home to get back into our normal chaos together, but for these few days it’s nice to get a taste of what’s on tap in the future.  If this is what the future looks like in a little less than a decade, sign me up!  I’m going to enjoy the time we have with the boys while remembering that life after they move out will be pretty cool too in its own way.


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