Day 692 – Thankful for Walls of Clouds and Songs that Bring Back Old Vacation Memories

While on the water earlier this evening we saw this rolling upriver in our direction.  How awesome of a view is that?  I love watching the clouds when they are roiling on the edge of a front like that.  The colors are great, the shapes are always shifting and changing, and you can just feel the pressure change coming with them.  I am thankful to witness natural phenomena like this!


As we began our morning meeting today a song that I hadn’t heard for a long while came on.  It was Wild, Wild West by The Escape Club from the late 80’s.  If you can’t remember which song it is check out the link here ( ).  When it came on I had flashbacks to our family vacation out west when I was a kid.  At one point on the trip (I was thinking Deadwood, but my mom corrected me and said it was actually Rapid City) we stopped overnight and caught a comedic play.  At the finale of the presentation there was a scene that had this song blasting while the actors had an epic fight scene in slow motion with strobe lights…  at least that’s what I seem to remember.  Regardless, I couldn’t help but smile at the memories of the time with my family on that vacation while the song played.

Later in the evening the song “Walk Like an Egyptian” by The Bangles ( ) came on and it left me scratching my head.  It reminded me of vacation with my family as a kid again, but I couldn’t quite place it.  My brain then tried to fit the two memories together and I started questioning if that was the song in the play, not Wild, Wild West.  Stumped, I fired the question via text to my mom who reminded me that it was in the first laser show we’d gone to at Wisconsin Dells a summer or two beforehand.  Immediately the brain cells connected the dots and I was reminded of that laser show which I thought was about the coolest thing ever at the time.

Two songs heard seemingly at random today and they both reminded me of the fun times I had on past vacations with my family.  Since then I’ve been smiling as I think about how many times there is a song or two on vacation that just seem to fit the vacation and capture the essence of it.  Hearing both of these that reminded me of vacation as a kid has left me just smiling away as I type it tonight.  It also reminds me to play the tunes while traveling with the boys, I’ll never know which one or two songs might trigger some awesome memories for them thirty years later.


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