Day 690 – Thankful for a Wonderful Family Tradition, Year 2

This was the second straight year of taking a long weekend to head up north with the family, my mom and stepBrad, and Nick and his family. Just like last year we’ve had a ton of fun spending time together.

Changing things up from last year we added one day to the trip which seems just about right. Having an extra day seemed to give us more flexible time and opportunity to just chill as a family. Sometimes we were in smaller groups and other times we were one big group. All in all it worked out well to have time all together and with each person.

The weekend was filled with so many fun things including bike rides, boating, tubing, wake surfing, playing games, and eating way too much. More important, it was full of time together shooting the bull and having fun. There were so many laughs and smiles. Sometimes they were from old remembered memories and other times they were new memories to be remembered in future years.

As I lay in bed I’m struggling to keep my eyes open as I type this. The past few days have been chock full of great family time and I’m now officially spent. Maybe it’s just me, but total exhaustion like this is from a weekend well spent, a wonderful family tradition.


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