Day 682 – Thankful for Playing Video Games with Cousins

Way back in the day when we’d head to Grandma and Grandpa Lamping’s for a couple of weeks in the summer we’d usually end up spending a couple of nights at Aunt Penny’s or Aunt Peggy and Uncle Tom’s house to hang out with our cousins Billy, Chris, and Matt.  These were amongst the best nights on our trip as we stayed up all night (literally) watching horrible late night cable movies and goofing around constantly.

One of the things that took up a lot of our time was when we’d fire up the old NES – that’s right, we were old school before old school was cool.  Between Ninja Gaiden, Contra, and any of the Mario Brothers classics we would have a blast playing video games with each other.  It was pure pre-teen boy heaven, just hanging with my cousins playing games, talking stupid, and having so much fun.


Tonight the tables are completely turned.  I was working on a remodel project and then goofing around a little while Becky is working on her PhD work.  While we’re doing that in the dining room our ears are almost bleeding from the sounds of screaming cousins in our living room.  The games may be different, but it’s essentially the same as I remember as a kid.  We’ll let them stay up way later than they have any right to (sorry Diana & Kenny!) and they’ll hopefully remember how much fun they had together.

For the life of me I can’t remember any of the specific results of the games we played, but I remember how much fun we had as cousins playing around.  I’d bet that they’ll remember the same as they get older…  and that’s something I’m very thankful for!


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