Full disclosure, I’ve already blogged about this experience once before (Check it out here), but it really hit home for me again today. Five years ago today Becky helped to bring a childhood dream to life. I got a text from her of a picture from Facebook reminding her of this and it’s had me smiling ever since.

Dinosaurs were one of my favorite things in the world back in the day and I wanted to be a paleontologist in the worst way. My parents always supported all of my crazy dreams, no matter how crazy or short lived, and helped offer the chances for me to grow towards them. In this case they’d bought me a sweet dinosaur encyclopedia which I’m still pretty sure is the most read book I own.

Between that book and an old PBS show (possibly Reading Rainbow or something similar) I learned of a slice of heaven on Earth… Dinosaur National Monument. It is a huge wall of many exposed dinosaur bones that are slowly excavated and studied. You could even touch them! In the worst way I wanted to get there to see it, but our vacations never got us close to the Utah and Colorado border (and with good reason, there is nothing of note remotely close).

Isn’t it funny how much more we appreciate something that we’ve wanted for a very long time? It seems that we anticipate it more and our experience is even more heightened due to the delay. By the time Becky brought up the idea about three decades later the dream had cooled to an ember but quickly roared back into a blaze.

By the time we walked into the building and I saw that wall I’d dreamt about for thirty plus years my eyes immediately welled up as my heart was full of joy. It was a moment of my life that will never be forgotten. A moment of pure joy frozen in time. The waiting made it even more special. Even as I type this I’m wiping away some happy tears as I relive that moment. It still gives me the chills after five years.

While that moment was incredible, there was another moment that happened at almost the same time that also brings me much happiness. It was when I looked at Becky with misty eyes and saw the smile on her face as she watched the utter joy on mine. It was so awesome to see just how special she knew this moment was for me and the joy of knowing that she helped turn my childhood dream into reality. In that moment we shared smiles of pure elation and it was incredible. I am beyond thankful for her actions to make this happen. It’s amongst the favorite memories in my life. She gave me something so special that I can’t even begin to explain the feeling.

So on this five year anniversary of that moment I can’t help but focus on it again today. Becky and a wall of old bones brought the child out in me, and ecstatic kid who had just reached to the heaven me and touched the stars of his dreams… or in this case, reached towards the rock and touched history.

Mom and Dad, thanks for supporting my crazy dreams and ideas with books and positive thinking. You also taught me that we don’t always get what we want when we want it, but there’s always a way to get it eventually as long as we stay positive and work hard. Love you!

Becky, thanks for helping me close a circle of my childhood and for helping me reach a decades old dream. The joy you brought me through that experience is so huge I don’t even know where to start. You brought out the little smiling dreamer kid in me! Love you!


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