Day 663 – Thankful for How Great Gavin is with Little Kids and Hanging with My Cousin Chris

We had dinner at one of Becky’s coworker’s houses this evening and they have a little guy who’s a little over a year and a half old.  With Dominic away at Scout Camp it was just Gavin along with Becky and I.  Gavin and Noah hit it off right away and they had a lot of fun on the wagon, playing with Lincoln Logs and goofing around.

What really struck me was how appreciative I am of how great Gavin is with little kids.  Sometimes he is a handful and full of a bit too much energy, but seeing him with younger kids is a stark contrast as he calms down and goes their speed.  Being with those smaller kids brings out a more mature side of him that I appreciate greatly.


Later in the evening my cousin Chris came over and I had an awesome time re-connecting with him.  We shot the bull until later than either of expected and laughed hard and often as we traded life, adulting, and parenting stories.  It’s not often that we both have time to hang out like this, I’m very thankful for this time together.  We’ll have to figure out a way to carve out some time to do this again sooner than later, and maybe even work on a project or two while doing it.  There was something about hanging out with my cousin late on a summer night that reminded me of so many times we’d done this in the past as kids.  It was a blast!


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