Day 649 – Thankful for a Hot Shower and a Wonderful Mix of Yoga Teachers at Root Down Yoga

The first part of today’s blog is pretty much straight forward…  How awesome is a hot shower???  Seriously, it’s definitely in my Top 100 favorite things in world.  Being able to clean off, enjoy the feeling of hot water, and the relaxing sensation it brings is seriously amazing.  I have the opportunity to take at least one a day and I’m grateful for each of them.

At yoga tonight we had Joshua as our teacher and he did a fantastic job of kicking my butt in a very positive way.  My favorite part about the practice tonight was that is was completely different form anything we’ve done in the past.  A new pose, a different order, and a very different focus than in other sessions.  That’s what got me thinking…

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 7.46.56 PM

I’m very thankful to have such a wonderful mix of yoga instructors at Root Down.  Very rarely do we have the same one twice in a row.  Each one is very positive and upbeat, combinations of awesome motivators and coaches.  They each have a slightly different style that bring a different feel to each practice.  Some are more cardio focused, others incorporate more stretching, and there are some balances between the two.  There are a few that give a motivational thought for the day, there are some that dive right in, and some that crack me with the very well timed joke.  The mix of so many different personalities is an amazing positive that I’m very thankful for.  Each time Becky gets us both signed up I’m checking to see who the teacher is and I have yet to be disappointed when I see a specific name, they are all outstanding!!!  I’m so grateful for the variety they bring, it makes the practice so much more enjoyable.


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