Day 600 – Thankful for Signs of Summer – Grills and Boats

Today I am thankful for a couple of wonderful signs of summer…  grills and boats.  After getting home from hanging with the guys this weekend it was time to bounce right back into reality.  Checking the grocery store off the list is pretty much par for the course on on Sunday, but the other couple of Must Do’s were things that don’t happen often.

Earlier this afternoon we finally got our boat on the water and into our slip.  The ride was a pretty efficient from A to B run but that didn’t reduce the happy feelings of summer as we were on the water.  The sun even started to bust out for us as we wrapped up and got back to the slip.  It’s a little late this year but better late than never!


Our grill finally bit the dust a couple of weeks ago so we bought a new one.  I’d completely forgotten how much work is involved in putting one of them together…  and they haven’t gotten any easier over the years!  Thank goodness I had an awesome work partner with me today, Gavin.  He helped me out with screws, grabbing parts, installing parts, and cleaning.  I was very thankful for his help, there were more than a few times in which he saved me a lot of time and frustration.

Once the grill was complete it was a little too late to give it a test run, but just getting it put together reminded me of summer.  Just looking at it had me thinking of so many great meals we will grill up this summer.

The first day of putting the boat on the water is always magical.  It’s like the day after Thanksgiving when you realize Christmas is coming soon.  Throw in firing up a new grill on the same day and it was like Christmas came twice!


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