Day 597 – Thankful for Airport Memories and Missing My Usual Travel Buddies

As I sit in the MSP airport this afternoon I’ve spent a fair amount of time wandering around. My intent was to focus on writing my book, but instead I’ve spent time wandering the airport. Around almost every corner hides another memory of a past trip here. The funny thing is that not all of the memories are from here specifically, but as you’ve probably noticed, pretty much all major airports start to feel the same after a while.

My stroll to the airport reminded me of this…

Wandering through the airport reminded me of this…

Hopping on the flight reminded me of these…

And of course the majority of those memories reminded me of the destinations we went to, like these…

Traveling alone for the first time in a while has felt pretty strange. Normally I have any number of my three favorite travel buddies with me, but this time I’m flying solo. While I am missing each of them it’s also making me smile as I realize that I miss them specifically because of how much fun we always have in the airport. Whether it’s goofing around or chilling we’re always enjoying each other’s company in the airport as we get excited for our next adventure. Today I am solo, but I am reminded of them constantly as I sit here in the airport.


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