Day 592 – Thankful for Extra Time

Whenever it is a birthday or a holiday I’ll ask Becky for ideas of what she’d like as a gift. Her first response, without fail, is “more time.” We laugh about it and try to find ways to make that happen. Sad to say that we haven’t figured out a way to time travel yet so that gift hasn’t been given … until today 😁. This morning Becky figured out a way to give me that amazing gift!

After our run this morning we got ready to head out to Gavin’s soccer game. With the game at 10:00 we left for Sparta at 9:00 so we had time to grab coffee on our way out of town. Once we parked the car Becky busted out her phone to see what field Gavin was playing on. Her jaw kind of dropped and she said, “Field 2… at 11:00…”. We both paused for a moment, smiled, and then laughed it off.

Fortunately I’d brought my laptop and she’d brought the papers she was reading so we each got an extra hour while the boys played outside at the playground. How awesome is that? An entire extra hour that we weren’t expecting! She gave me the gift she’d always wanted and it was AWESOME!!!

Becky, thanks for giving me the gift of extra time this morning, it was exactly what the doctor ordered and I appreciated every moment of it.


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