A couple of weekends ago I wrote about the awesome “Dad Time Capsule” that I’d brought home.  Amongst everything were some old newspaper clippings and a photo album, presumably from my grandma.  The boys felt like chilling, Becky was helping at the Summit Elementary Chicken Que, and I figured with the rain I’d be better off starting on a project I’ve wanted to jump on.

Plugging the scanner into my computer I started the process of scanning each clipping and picture.  It was slow and tedious, but I really didn’t notice.  I was too busy enjoying the experience of going through some pictures of my dad through his childhood.

It was so cool to see these two pictures reminding me that I wasn’t the first Boy Scout in this family…

Seeing Dad as a kid goofing around with his brother had me smiling ear to ear as I know there are similar pictures of Nick and I and Dominic and Gavin.

There was also something special about seeing pictures of Dad with his dad.  The one I’ve chosen for the main picture today was one that especially warmed my heart.

As I wrap up the scanning for the night I can’t help but smile and be thankful for this experience.  To be able to go back and see my dad as a kid and to save this for my kids is a pretty awesome gift that I’m so grateful for.


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