Day 538 – Thankful for a Dream Growing Bigger Than I’d Imagined When Mixed with Advice From a Mentor

There have been so many things that I’ve been grateful for that I almost didn’t know where to start.  A wonderful run under the stars in warm weather.  Great coaching and conversation this morning that helped me clarify some ideas that I’d had brewing for a while.  A well timed chapter of a book that’s left me smiling for days.  The right song at the right time.  Getting a walk in over lunch.  Having a successful den meeting.  So many moments that brought much joy today!

In many ways this picture is totally unrelated to my blog, but I can’t help but look at it and dream some big dreams…  That made it feel pretty fitting today.

What really stuck out to me is something that is more personal in nature and I’m going to keep it a little close to the vest.  Let’s just say that there was a dream I’d had for a very long time that finally came true quite a while back.  It was a wonderful dream that I was so happy to check off the list.  This dream is one that we’ve re-lived several times and every single time I feel more joy than the time before.

After a while there was a spark from advice that I’d witnessed first hand from one of my mentors.  There was a certain something that they did for a long time that was similar, but after a while they found a way to create even more joy for many others by changing their dream ever so slightly.  It was still the same, but so much more different and grand on so many levels.  They found that by thinking more fully about the “why” behind the dream they’d realized they had just scratched the surface of their dream.  Many years after that spark the resulting growth of the dream is nothing short of staggering.

While living my dream a while back there was a light that went on in the back of my head…  a connection that I hadn’t thought about.  A way to turn something pretty cool into something much bigger.  It’s a long way from reality, the dream has so much further to grow, but I’m thankful for how much it has already grown.  As Becky put it, “It’s a dream that’s taken root.”  This dream has started to bloom and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Today I’m thankful for that dream growing bigger, and I’m also thankful for the advice I received from one of my mentors.  Seeing them live their dream in a certain way helped me to open my eyes to find a way to make my dreams even bigger…  yet again.


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