Day 526 – Thankful for the Best Scenic Commute Home

There may or may not be a similar blog about this, but quite honestly, I really don’t care!  As I was driving home today I was totally awestruck by the incredible beauty of my commute home.

When I drive home from work I travel along Highway 61 in Winona down to I90 and then home.  My entire drive is smack dab in the middle of the Mississippi River valley and all but about 3-5 miles has a spectacular view of the river.

Today’s drive really hit me about 8 miles in.  Listening to a crazy eclectic playlist I caught myself totally immersed in the God created beauty all around me.  I was looking through valleys walled off by bluffs, snow covered trees, and awesome rock croppings hit just right by the slowly setting sun.  In some places the sunlight lit the top of the bluff up like a beacon!


As my eyes drifted back to the river (and yes Mom, I swear I was also watching the road!) it was beautiful in its own magical ways.  The wing dams below the surface caused the ice to melt and there were lines showing the location of the damns.  There were massive sheets of ice with several melted spots.  Along the side of some of those open waters were bald eagles.  The reflection of the light on the water was amazing.

Looking in the air was also pretty sweet.  Migrating birds flew in V’s across the sky.  In other spots the cluster of birds seemed to dance on the wind.  At one point a jet came into view, slowly descending to land.  I was at that almost perfect distance when it seemed to just slowly float to the Earth, not flying fast, but not quite stopped…  just almost hovering as if it were trying to take in the same scenery that I was.  All around me was the almost perfect mix of blue sky and clouds, just enough of both to enjoy and not interfere with the beauty of the other.

Today was an awesome day, there were many positive things, but when I really think about it, that drive was one of those surreal moments in which I was totally present in the moment, soaking up what The Big Guy Upstairs had thrown my way, and I was exactly where I was supposed to be, enjoying what was all around me, and thankful for every precious and beautiful second of it.

My commute may be a little long, but it’s well worth it every single time.  Every season brings new beauty and perspective, and I’m so thankful for it.


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