Day 482 – Thankful for a Random Comment Made at Our Den Meeting

There’ve been many great things today.  I was able to get everything I wanted and then some done at work.  I came home to a hot meal made by Becky.  I got to spend a little time with the boys.  I’ve had many moments that have brought me joy.

There’s one moment that has me still smiling tonight and I’m thankful for the humor it’s brought to my day.  Our den meeting today was focused on planning a meal for the scouts to cook for our pack at our next camp out.


While in the middle of the den meeting the question was asked, “what is a dutch oven?”

An immediate response came from one of the scouts.  Myself and the other adults all tried to hide our laughter when he blurted out “it’s when you pull the covers over someone’s head in bed and fart!”  There was a round of LOL’s from everyone and it took a few seconds to get us back on tracks.

We made great progress in the meeting and had a productive meeting, but that one moment is still bouncing in my head and making me laugh.  I can only imagine what their poor teachers hear on a daily basis!  Thanks for the great laugh today bud!


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