Day 450 – Thankful for a Great Day & Bell Ringing with Scouts

At one point when I started this blog I had a fear lingering in the back of my brain…  Will I find enough to write about to be thankful for something every single day?  Now, 800 plus days later, I chuckle as the fear I have is, “How do I include all of the things I’m thankful for everyday?  There’s almost too many to count!”  Gratitude is funny like that, as soon as I started actively seeking it out a whole new world of things to be thankful for have opened up to me!

Today was another great example of that in action.  Spending time with Becky on an early morning run and enjoying the alone time and conversation with her.  Having a very productive day at work when everything just clicked.  Little surprises around seemingly every corner.  An awesome text of appreciation that made me smile huge.  The power of focus and clarity to work towards goals.  Fun conversations with friends and team members.  So much to be thankful for today, I appreciated each of those moments.

IMG_3132 What also put a huge smile on my face was ringing bells with the Cub Scouts tonight.  They were energetic, full of life, and singing Christmas carols loud and boisterously!  It was so much fun watching them enjoy the spirit of Christmas and bringing smiles to the faces of many.

For a brief moment Gavin was going out of his way to wish every single passerby either a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.”  Catching many of them completely off guard it was great watching their reaction go from being surprised to growing a huge smile and wishing him a “Merry Christmas” back.  I don’t think he realized what he was actually doing, but he was putting a smile on almost every face that was about to walk by with either a frown or a look of complacency.  It was so cool how they lit right up as he would say it and it inspired me to do the same several times throughout the night.  As per the norm with Gavin this didn’t last long and he was off to the next thing, but the way he put smiles on so many faces warmed my soul.

Today was awesome and the bell ringing was the icing on cake.  Gavin, thanks for reminding me of what the Christmas spirit is really all about.  Love you Bud!



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