Day 448 – Thankful for Pixels, a Movie that Bridges Generations :)

Tonight while Becky was at yoga the boys and I decided to chill and watch a movie.  After a bit of debate we decided to watch Pixels, Gavin’s current favorite movie ever (give it about 2 months and it’s sure to be different!).


As we were watching it I couldn’t help but chuckle at all the 80’s references.  When I’d laugh the boys would ask why and we’d pause the movie and I’d explain.  At one point the movie mentions “the Where’s the Beef Lady,” and the boys were laughing when I pulled up the old Wendy’s commercial on YouTube.

It is a totally dorky and nerdy movie, but one that I can really appreciate as a child of the ’80’s.  I still remember watching my dad play Donkey Kong while we waited for a table at Skyline in Phillips.  There were many times when I’d argue with my parents for more video game time explaining the benefits of playing video games (problem solving, eye hand coordination, etc…).  Many of my favorite games are the oldies that were showcased in the movie, back when there were only one or two buttons and a joystick or directional pad on the controller…  Ahh…  A simpler time…  the good ‘ole days…

Tonight the three of us chilled and enjoyed a movie together and I really enjoyed the opportunity to share some of the funny memories of my childhood with the boys.



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