Day 421 – Thankful for a Thanksgiving Day Hike with the Boys

It’s only 2:30pm here on Thanksgiving Day, but we’ve already had a lot of fun. We initially were going to go to Raglan to see the ocean, but Becky reminded me that we were already going there later in the week. With that in mind we instead opted for a hike to the Hakarimata Summit.

The hike was only a couple of KM in each direction but said that it was closer to a 3 hour hike. That didn’t quite seem right so we figured it might be a little brutal. Little did we know we’d be going up well over 1,000 feet in about 1km – not too shabby!

Along the way there was a marker on every 100 steps to help keep us moving to the last step – #1,349. Along the way there were several inspirational quotes that helped to keep us going. In addition to motivation it helped start values conversations with the boys, which was pretty awesome.

Once we got to the top we went up the observation tower and had an amazing panoramic view.

The entire hike was so awesome from start to finish. The boys were in a great mood the entire time and kept moving at a solid pace. We shot the bull, goofed around, talked values, and had fun the whole time. It was a fantastic way to celebrate Thanksgiving with the boys!


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